CrewLAB Summer Smasher Logo, the words Summer Smasher with sun rays over the corner.

Don't let the off season slow you down.

Train with us this summer and come
back in the fall faster than ever.

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As summer approaches, coaches and parents alike find themselves pondering the same question: How can we ensure our athletes come back stronger for the upcoming season?

The desire to maintain team culture and foster continuous improvement weighs heavily on our minds. That’s precisely why we’ve crafted a solution tailored to address these concerns — the CrewLAB Summer Smasher.

At this time of year, anxiety tends to creep in as coaches contemplate the path to success for the next season. But fret not, for the CrewLAB Summer Smasher is here to alleviate those worries and provide a solid plan for progress.

It’s a comprehensive 10-week challenge that not only keeps you engaged – but also sets you up for triumph in the upcoming season!

Let's check out the benefits

A proven plan

Bid farewell to the endless “what-ifs” and embrace a concrete roadmap to success. This challenge is backed by a history of achievement, ensuring you have a plan that has yielded positive results.

Increased retention

By participating in this challenge, more of your team will eagerly return for the upcoming season. The challenge is here to inspire dedication and commitment among your teammates.

Mental and physical preparedness

We’ll focus on nurturing both your mind and body. You’ll emerge from the challenge mentally resilient and physically primed for the regattas that lie ahead.

Team connection and communication

The challenge fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie through positive, team-building competitions. You’ll feel connected and motivated, enhancing team dynamics.

Sustaining team culture

The hard work you’ve invested in building a strong team culture shouldn’t go to waste over the summer.

Upholding good habits

By continuing to embrace healthy practices, you’ll be building upon the foundation of success.

How does the challenge work?

The challenge will run for a total of 10-weeks starting from 10 June until 1 September 2024.

You’ll need to get your team sorted before then – with ideally around 5-10 people per team. We’ll split your team into squads on the 1 June – giving you a week to transfer or reassign teams before the challenge officially begins on the 10 June.

Each squad will then compete for points for the race to the top of the CrewLAB Leaderboard all over a 10-week period. 💥

You’ll be competing against all the other clubs who use CrewLAB too, but you can only see what your team mates are doing (you know, for privacy reasons).

We’ll be sharing how the leaderboard is tracking on our socials – so be sure to follow us to see if you’re in the lead – or how far off from the leaders you are!

There will also be spot prizes along the way awarded to those with the ❤️ Biggest Heart (for liking the most posts), or the best 🖼️ Team Influencer  (most images posted), and the 💯 Hardest Worker too! Whoop!

How you earn points

The points system is separated into a variety of areas – it’s not just go, go, go – each area is super beneficial to your overall training.

You’ll earn points for engaging in positive fitness activities, and any overtraining will be deducted. Oooo scary. 😱




20 minutes
Weight training or mobility
200 points each
1 minute
Rowing machine, rowing on-water, running
10 points each
90 seconds
Indoor cycling, outdoor cycling
10 points
40 seconds
Ski erg or snow skiing
10 points
30 seconds
10 points

The finer details around points

We don’t just want you going hard for the sake of going hard. You need to be a bit more strategic with your training.

  • For the first hour of training completed each day, point earnings are boosted by 33%.
  • For the third hour of training completed each day, point earnings will be reduced by 50%.
  • Weight training alone can’t move boats, so point earnings from lifting or mobility will be capped at 200 points each.

So, are you ready to embrace the CrewLAB Summer Smasher challenge!?

Download the app and invite your team.

Already a CrewLAB user? Click on your profile icon in our app, then your Team name to view the challenge – it’ll go live on the 10 June! See you on the leaderboard! 😉