A platform to build and lead your dream team

CrewLAB is designed to turn average teams into unstoppable crews.

CrewLAB is the #1 sports team management tool for high school and collegiate endurance sports.

Connect your team

A private – and transparent – digital club house that keeps your team communications and videos together.

Keep athletes safe

CrewLAB offers a safe space for athletes to communicate openly. We also safeguard your information to prevent abuse (and SafeSport violations).

Build a community

CrewLAB turns your team into a community that strengthens friendships and keeps athletes in for the long haul.

A private, transparent digital club house that keeps your team keen.

Sample mobile screen with the activity feed on, this includes a profile photo, name, location and erg screen image with information about the workout.

Training journal

Just like with standard social media platforms, this is where the day-to-day comms for the team happen – it can include things like check ins, training workouts, polls and videos.

We’ve even incorporated GIFs into the feed because simply put CrewLAB loves GIFs.

Upcoming schedule

Each workout has a title, a session plan, and any extra space for any notes you want to share.

Overtime, you’ll also be able to view the training history and leaderboards in the Stats section.

Sample mobile screen with the activity feed on, this includes a profile photo, name, location and erg screen image with information about the workout.
Sample mobile screen with the activity feed on, this includes a profile photo, name, location and erg screen image with information about the workout.

Record a daily check-in

We’re strong advocates for athletes wellbeing which is why each day we send out a quick survey to all CrewLAB athletes to check in.

As a coach, this gives you insight into each Athletes mood and energy levels, which may affect their training load.

Events schedule

The event schedule becomes the single source of truth for everything that goes on with your team, from complex training plans to team BBQs and competitions.

Say goodbye to missed sessions, and confused athletes and share all your key dates and keep organized by using one calendar.

Sample view of CrewLABs team calendar.
Sample view of the dashboards team video drive.

Video library

No more scrolling through message threads searching for a video, our secure Video Library is the perfect place to store your videos.

You can easily browse and share videos that are important for athlete feedback – as well as celebrating some of the most awesome moments on your team!

Insights and reporting

Get the inside scoop on your crews training trends, wellness and engagement reports, and overall performance.

It’s been termed as the ‘coaches best friend’ for a reason – it supports you to make the best decisions for your team.

Everything you need to lead a high performing team — powerful, but not complicated.

Icon of two chat boxes.

Team chat

Icon of a calendar.


Icon of a book with a pencil in corner.

Training journal

Icon of a mobile phone with a heart inside.

Daily check in


Icon of a video and playback button.



Icon of a graph showing insights.



9 out of 10 coaches recommend us.

“My varsity boys are motivated to do workouts on their own – and proud to share it.”

Charley Sullivan,
Head Coach

In a generation where athletes are glued to their screens. CrewLAB is perfect. It just resonates with the modern athlete.”

Marcel Stiffey,
Head Coach

I’m totally sold on CrewLAB. Every coach should be using this.”

Chris Chase,
Director of Youth Rowing
& Coaching Education

“I have never seen a better lineup tool than CrewLAB. We made lineups so fast and it was kind of fun.”

Joe Gartland,
Assistant Coach

“We saw higher levels of training volumes, while also populating a lot more enthusiasm. It’s super positive all around.”

Kevin MacDermot,
Head Coach

“The comments the athletes wrote on the workouts are the best feedback I’ve gotten as a coach all season.”

Chris Register,
Head Coach


98% of athletes love us too.*

* We asked athlete’s for feedback, you can see the results here.

My favorite thing about CrewLAB is how connected it makes you feel with your team, even if training at different times.”

CrewLAB Athlete,
University of North Carolina

As a Cox, I really like that you can tag athletes in specific workouts – it makes it very easy for me to tell everybody in my boat how they did.”

CrewLAB Athlete,
Port Washington Rowing Club

“I can easily communicate with my team members and to my coach if I have any questions.”

CrewLAB Athlete,
West High School

“I enjoy the ability to instantly upload a workout. I can compare workouts to see how I am progressing and check my all time PRs.”

CrewLAB Athlete,
Seattle Scholars

“I appreciate the simplicity of logging workouts. With the app automatically calculating my split from the monitor, it’s great not having to do the math myself.”

CrewLAB Athlete,
Marist College

“I love CrewLAB because it helps me keep track of all my workouts and it keeps me motivated to build up my workout streak each day.”

CrewLAB Athlete,
TriStar Rowing