CrewLAB is a team management tool that turns average teams into unstoppable teams.

Let us help you to build your dream team!

How to get started


Search on your preferred app stores for ‘CrewLAB’ or click the buttons below.


If you’re creating a team from scratch, follow the prompts to enter the team name and upload your logo.

If you’re joining a team, you will need to enter your ‘Team Code’ to access the Team Space. Your coach or administrator will have received your Team Code via email.

Upon joining the team, you should see your team name and logo, if not reach out to us for support.



Update your profile. Add your profile photo and little something in your bio.

If you’re brave (we know you are) add a goal in your bio so your teammates can help you achieve it.



Fill out our daily check-in, we believe this is an excellent way to achieve your goals – that’s why the check–in is front and center.

These check-in’s are shown to improve mental health and resilience, and will give your coaches the insight they need about you and your training.



Share a training video, perhaps one that’s been sitting on your phone waiting to see the light of day. 

Hit the yellow plus + to choose a video to upload.

Make it engaging! Be sure to tag your teammates who are in the video (or who would benefit from seeing it).


Get the chat rolling. The team chat lives in the top right corner of the home feed.

You can tag the Coach or your teammates if you want to get their feedback.

Don’t forget to add photos and GIFs to keep things fun!


Log a workout. Hit the yellow plus + to record a training session.

Commenting on workouts is a great way to encourage your teammates to keep going.

You can also integrate your Garmin watch to automatically upload sessions.



Check out the team schedule. Hit the clipboard icon to see your upcoming training schedule.


What our customers are saying about us

“My varsity boys are motivated to do workouts on their own – and proud to share it.”

Charley Sullivan,
Head Coach

In a generation where athletes are glued to their screens. CrewLAB is perfect. It just resonates with the modern athlete.”

Marcel Stiffey,
Head Coach

I’m totally sold on CrewLAB. Every coach should be using this.”

Chris Chase,
Director of Youth Rowing
& Coaching Education

CrewLAB solves problems that have stood the test of time by helping teammates and improving the outcomes of all that goes into training.

Drew Ginn
3x Gold Medalist
Australian Olympic team

“We saw higher levels of training volumes, while also populating a lot more enthusiasm. It’s super positive all around.”

Kevin MacDermot,
Head Coach

“The comments the athletes wrote on the workouts are the best feedback I’ve gotten as a coach all season.”

Chris Register,
Head Coach