Our story


It's what we do

CrewLAB is a coaching platform designed for rowing teams. We help athletes and coaches share all the things that make being on a team so great. Our mission is to enable athletes to build healthy habits as they chase their dreams – while levelling up the coaches who are helping them along the way.

CrewLAB helps athletes stay in the game and thrive by harnessing the power of mobile technology, data science and social networks. We figured out how to make training collaborative, addictive and improve results over time – optimizing athlete performance all while saving coaches hours per week.


The founders of CrewLAB met through the UCLA Rowing team, where we were confronted with the traditional challenges of all teams. Challenges such as accountability, optimizing athletic improvement, balancing a busy lifestyle and building strong team bonds. We learned to approach challenges with a gritty growth mindset, while looking to build technology solutions to get the job done better and easier.

Our relationships were battle-hardened through years of competing together at the national level, and we are very proud to be able to continue working together as CrewLAB.  



Simon Hoadley

President + Head Coach

25 years of coaching experience across multiple sports 

New Zealand National Team Rower
Masters in Engineering Management


Dominic Pardini


Youth rowing coach 
3x national medalist in rowing and Captain on UCLA Rowing Team
Launched products with Disney at blockbuster movie premieres


David Kerns

COO + Customer Success

Tax and consulting for massive financial services broker dealers
Captain on UCLA Rowing Team
Eagle Scout, Masters in Data, can Karaoke.


Marina Pardini

Head of Design

Designed apps and enterprise systems for global companies
Masters in UX Design


Peter Frederick

Head of Data

Ran data analytics at USRowing for 2 years
Riverside Rower, Head of the Charles Champion and Captain on UCLA Rowing Team
Masters in Data Science


John Chou

CTO + Head of Delivery

Air Force Sergeant
Software engineer
3rd tech startup


Aidan Lee

Head of Development

Trinity and Riverside Rower, Head of the Charles Champion
Software Engineer