Building Better Teams.

Find out how CrewLAB is helping real coaches and their teams.

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Every coach has a problem to solve. 

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Strengthen team culture and engagement virtually

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Encourage individualized development and positive rivalry.

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Sortable & sharable video libraries and comments for each athlete 


Training feedback

Find out who crushed their training and who needs help. Your athletes can record workouts in seconds while adding a thoughtful reflection.

Squad competition

Activate positive rivalry on your team with automatic leaderboards. Athletes see where they stack up against the legends of the team and their previous selves.

Team engagement

Convert a flat training log into a conversation. Allow your rowers to encourage each other, banter and share memories. Boost accountability and bring the team together.

Training journal

Every session and record is at your fingertips. Workout data is automatically organized for analysis.


UCLA needed a strong winter training block to be a top national contender again

Coach Marcel knew that it takes extreme accountability to get there.

Using CrewLAB's social training feed and leaderboard, the athletes pushed each other harder than ever to achieve their best results in years.
  • 1,100 workouts in 3 weeks
  • 4 boats in grand finals
  • 3 medals won
  • Silver in the Men's V8+

"In a generation where athletes are glued to screens, CrewLAB is perfect. It just resonates with the modern athlete."

Marcel Stiffey, Head Coach of UCLA Rowing

USRowing wanted to make Junior National Team Camp unforgettable for the best athletes in the country.

Chris Chase and 25 High Performance coaches built a plan for their best summer development program yet.

CrewLAB rose to the challenge, boosting our platform to support all aspects of competitive excellence – fitness, skills and mindset.
  • 150 athlete snapshots shared
  • 300 technique videos cataloged
  • 200 physiological tests performed
  • 3000 wellness check-ins completed

"I love the CrewLAB guys – if every coach in the country used something like this, we all would be better off."

Chris Chase, Head of Youth Rowing for USRowing

Coach Greg needed a simpler way to coach.

As a collegiate coach,  communications, logistics and administration deprived him the joy of coaching.

CrewLAB gave Greg the tools he needed to love the job again by unlocking more time to personally interact with athletes.
  • Grew a team from nothing to a vibrant community of engaged rowers
  • Created personalized training
  • Automatically tracked and shared results  for each workout
  • Increased athlete power by 20% over 3 months, with only 3 sessions per week.

"CrewLAB was an absolute game changer. I never thought I would be able to have such a huge impact on my athletes' performance."

Greg Everett, Former Collegiate Coach & Coach of the LABCats

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