Gain more speed, in less time with LabCats.

Illustration of a man on a rowing machine, the erg is highlighted in CrewLAB colours.

Train smarter

CrewLAB Data Scientists have created a personalized training plan that guides you to your goals – based on your current fitness level.

Keeps you accountable

We’ve learnt that people quit programs 10x more often than they quit their team. Reach your goals the same way Olympians do.

No contracts

You’ll get access to our LabCats program for $50/month.
Opt out at any time.

LabCats is a training plan that is uniquely built for you.

Introducing a customised training plan based on your own fitness levels and goals.

The program self adjusts and optimizes the training you need – with the time you have available.

We get it – juggling life as an adult is hard. Alongside your work and family commitments you need to somehow find the time (and energy) to train.

Illustration of data - graphics, numbers, charts etc – with CrewLAB colours highlighting different stats.

We believe that training should be simpler.

We coach our athletes to grow systematically — without breaking their backs or their schedules. The best plans are easy to follow because they are created just for you and backed by leading sports science.

Online coaching to help you train faster and more efficiently.

LabCats has been designed to build the mental skills and components needed to race and perform under pressure. Every session has been designed to develop some sort of race or erg test mental skill, by creating race type situations.

Most other programs crudely assume that harder work and more intensity is the way to get better. Science has shown that each load creates a different physiological response in your body, and each person responds differently to those loads.

With the LabCats program we measure both your exercise load and your response to it – so we can make a custom training program based on your own physiology.

CrewLAB is trusted by thousands of coaches and athletes to genuinely engage athletes and support team culture.

“I love this program because they provided me with a personal goal for each workout – that made it so easy to sit down and complete it. Their coaching has helped me improve my overall technique and definitely made me faster.”

Kristina Duggan
LabCats athlete

“I have been training with other programs for over two decades and the LabCats method raises the bar. I have felt the improvement from its focused objective and targeted workouts. The program is about power: focusing on it, feeling it, and improving it.”

Ted Humphrey
LabCats athlete

“If I had the LabCats program when I joined rowing, the learning curve to the sport would have been way easier and I would have avoided injuries and ineffective training. Novice rowers should train this way. It is so efficient!”

Alvaro Chacon
LabCat athlete

No contracts, opt out at any time.

For just $50/month, you‘ll get:

  • Custom pace targets for optimal intensity.
  • Personal online coaching to help you train faster and more efficiently.
  • Expert feedback on performance and technique.
  • Custom training plan based on your own goals and fitness levels.
  • Access to the CrewLAB app to track your training.
  • Access to the CrewLAB leaderboards and our LabCats community.

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